Tilsa - owner

Hi, my name is Tilsa.

I’ve always loved to run and after having a break to be a Mum I started running again in 2010. Since then I have run several Half Marathons and about to run my second NYC marathon in November! I am also one of the coaches of the local run club.

Over the years I have always had to travel over an hour to buy my running gear or purchase online (then end up sending it back it’s the wrong fit or sizing).

A few years ago while traveling in America, I came upon a running store and thought I was in heaven…..it had everything a runner could ever want and more!

I came home and said “I want to open a running store” and never did!

A few months ago, I set off again for my hour-plus drive with a girlfriend to a running store and they didn’t have my size but could order in it in for me….it was at that point that I decided I needed to open a Boutique Running store in the Southern Highlands. I thought if I was sick of traveling a lot, others must feel the same way.

Runners Boutique will stock items that we can’t easily get in the Southern Highlands ranging from Altra Running shoes, Newton Running shoes,  Orange Mud, Sixty4 Bras, Compress Sport, Feetures/ injinji / Balega/ SofSole socks, Body glide, Silver Hope Jewellery, running headlamps and lots more!

Our grand opening was on 15th January 2018. Come in and say hello so we can assist you with all your running needs.

Runners Boutique is now closed, thank you so much for your custom, and apologies for any inconvenience!

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Showing 1–4 of 97 results